TAORAY WANG创始人、CEO兼设计总监:王陶

Wang Tao - Founder, CEO and Chief Design Officer at TAORAY WANG

In a perfect world, “change” has no place. However, we live in a world embroiled with differences and contradictions, making “change” central to our very being.

One could try to force opposites into uniformity, but, there is an alternative: to accept our differences and blend them homogenously. One person who believes in this principle, lives and breathes it and applies it to her work is Wang Tao.

With her diverse background spanning rich and global heritage from three continents, Wang Tao is a melting pot of contrasts into harmony.

With a degree in history from East China Normal University in Shanghai, one of the top leading universities in China, Wang Tao took a second degree in fashion in the top Japanese fashion institute Tokyo Mode Gakuen where she received five international awards in design. She was hand picked by Junko Koshino, the highly acclaimed Japanese designer, to head the studio as men’s designer. Her experience in Japan had a strong impact on how important she views serving customers.

In pursuit of her global career aspirations, Wang Tao left Japan to Europe and settled in the UK where she worked as Chief Designer. In 2002 she decided to return to China and lead the repositioning of broadcast:bo, transforming it from a wholesale/distribution business to design-led brand, initially as the Design Director and subsequently as the CEO. Today, broadcast:bo is one of the top 10 Chinese women’s labels, a testimony to her ability to create a commercial brand while maintaining a high degree of design setting trends rather than following them. Under her tenure, broadcast:bo achieved huge success both in brand recognition and revenue, often increasing by 30% year-on-year. Her success is underscored by the selection of Ribo as one of the very few fashion groups by the Chinese government to go for an IPO this year.

Wang Tao is currently a board member of the Shanghai Ribo Fashion Group who owns the brands TAORAY WANG, broadcast:bo among others.

Wang Tao launched her namesake brand, TAORAY WANG, to bring her collections to the global woman who appreciates refined tailoring, sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.

The brand was launched in New York Fashion Week September 2014, and since then it has been prominently featured in five collections at the event. During these collections, Wang Tao created graceful display of mosaic out of Black Swan with White, Circles with Squares, Elegance with Africa’s wild, Heritage with Modernity and Romance with bold Stripes.

TAORAY WANG is designed for the powerful, professional and modern woman who wants to be stylish, elegant and sexy. The brand serves a global and confident woman who is not afraid to show her femininity in edgy design while she plays her role as a politician, lawyer and other executive roles. Classic men's fabrics and lines are tamed into silhouettes of armoured grace. “Customers are not defined by race or nationality. They have an international background, they embrace diversity and are open-minded to try different things. They are well-educated and well-travelled. They are multi-cultural” – Wang Tao September 2015.

TAORAY WANG mixes power with femininity, heritage with modernity and structure with fluidity. The design effortlessly creates energy and balance out of opposites. The media have been unanimous on how TAORAW WANG dispelled myths regarding Chinese brands unable to create modern western designs that are capable of setting trends. Traces of orientalism are present in TAORAY WANG but not in the form of stereotype icons, rather they are kept deep within the design, cut and lining.

TAORAY WANG will start trading from their Manhattan’s Soho store in 2017, together with other stores in exclusive malls in Shanghai and Beijing as part of a global customer centric offering.

From her head office in Shanghai, studio in London and with fabrics sourced from Florence, Wang Tao merges “Strength and Femininity” and “East and West” to bring you TAORAY WANG ready-to-wear and personalised design.