Xu Jinglei has fallen in love with fashion brand TAORAY WANG in her shift towards elegance

Xu Jinglei, known as “the intellectual“ in film industry, has distanced herself from the public in the past three years since Dear Enemy and Somewhere Only We Know. She has expressed repeatedly in interviews that personal life always comes first, and neither she nor her boyfriend has any intention to rush into marriage, although they are in a stable relationship. According to her recent interview, she has been enjoying travelling and life for most of the time in two of the past three years.

The past three years has witnessed significant changes happening to Xu Jinglei, and the romantic drama film Somewhere Only We Know she directed is one example. Compared to her previous film, the most obvious change is that she replaced Stanley Huang with teen pop star Kris Wu as the leading actor, and gave up the heroine role herself. The film grossed 100 million in 3 days and 200 million in five,, and another 70 million in the following three days  becoming the biggest success in Valentine film season in 2015. As she has transformed successfully from an “intellectual” to a more sophisticated “powerful woman”, Jinglei bids farewell to the jeans and canvas shoes that she used to wear three years ago, and starts to fill her wardrobe with mature and elegant clothes. During her nation wide film promotion, Jinglei chose to wear a Chinese designer brand, Taoray Wang, on multiple occasions. The simplistic design and delicate silhouette have allowed Jinglei to present herself as an elegant and confident lady to the fans despite her busy schedule.

Taoray Wang is the namesake brand of the Chinese top designer Wang Tao. As the first Chinese designer’s namesake brand invited to New York Fashion Week, Taoray Wang targets women executives in the world, designing complete collections of fashion wear for elite women on the basis of their specific life scenarios. In 2014 September, Taoray Wang made a successful debut in New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2015 with its simplistic and unique design, intricate silhouette and luxurious fabrics, capturing attention from a host of elite women, including the ever evolving Xu Jinglei. In the expanse between 2016 and 2017, Taoray Wang plans to launch stores in New York, Shanghai and Beijing.